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Friday, June 29, 2012

Adopt a Pet - Where to go with pictures

There are too many animals that are in need of the most basic care. They are ready to give you love in the 100 fold for the simplest things. Since I have been looking at the internet I am shocked seeing the untold numbers in need of a 'Forever Home' .  At times I just can not go on looking at the faces and reading the stories because it makes me sad knowing I can't help them all, but I try to get back to them as soon as I can. I hope that my work can do something to help them. I would love comments if for nothing else but to let me know that this is not in vain.  
The go to places to find pets in your area, or the ASPCA website
Don't be afraid to ask about possible transport of a pet you found outside your area. It is amazing the number of people who can't actually keep an animal that are making their contribution by trying to give transport.
There are two places you should avoid getting your puppy from at all costs 
Puppy Mills and Pet Stores


Click here to view adoptable animals in the New York City shelters.

Click here to view adoptable animals in Dallas shelters.
Click here to view adoptable animals in Boston shelters.
Click here to view adoptable animals in Chicago shelters.

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  1. As a fellow animal lover I know you would want to do your part to put an end to this barbaric treatment of healthy conscious homeless animals.
    Please help and spread the word. It Must Stop! Thank You!

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